Diner Menu

The Problem

Restaurant websites are often confusing, excessive and flashy (literally!). Many restaurant themes try to give you the whole kitchen sink, when often restaurants do not need so many features. There is a distinct lack of simple themes for restaurant owners, especially owners of small restaurants, diners, and food trucks.

My Process

I researched existing restaurant themes and confirmed my suspicions that most of them were bloated, with a plethora of features most small restaurants didn’t need. From there, I started looking at a range of restaurant websites.

While I didn’t do a full UX phase for the theme, I asked some friends what information they wanted to see when visiting a restaurant website. Once I concluded my research, I decided to focus on some of the most important details people look for on a restaurant website: hours, location, and menu.

From there, I started sketching out potential layouts at various sizes before bringing it into Photoshop for some styling. Once I had something pretty solid down, I handed it off to my development partner, Kelly Dwan, and worked closely with her to work figure out how the theme should adapt to different screen sizes and use cases.


I took a content-first approach when designing Diner Menu. I wanted it to be available on the go, minimally styled, and tailored for specifically for smaller eating establishments. The site is fully responsive, so it’s easy to access on your smartphone and gets you straight to the content you’re looking for.


Diner Menu is slated for release within the next two months, so be sure to keep an eye out.

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